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Membership Appreciation Day

On July 31st, RTYC-MN is hosting a members appreciation day at our Community Center(TAFM). In this program, we are including our annual event and financial report presenting to MN public as well as 16th NARTYC-Working Committee Meeting which was held in Portland June 17-19th, 2016. There will be delicious foods, story books on sale, raffles tickets, and Tibeta Learning Camp registeration table. 
We are renewing and/or new members enrollment will be present at the table with picture taking for RTYC ID. 

Membership requirements will be presented during the presentation and at the renrollment table as well. You can also, find out about the membership requrements under the membership content in our website. 

Tibet Learning Camp

Every year, we take middle and high school students of 20 - 25  to a group camp site and eduate them with Tibetan history, cultural and traditions. We also conduct educational games and activites for enrichment of  the students mind and body. Registeration will online and will be posted on July 31st at the Membership appreciation day. Time on the online registeration will presented as well. 
This year, we will take 20 students by first come first serve base on the online registeration.


Losar Concert

RTYC-MN is in progress of planning an event on 4th day of Tibetan Losar. As of now, we are working on gathering artists all around the world for your entertaintment. We are hoping for a new artist that we haven't invited before so that all the infamous artists get equal opportunity platform.

Tentative location is Northeast Middle School. 
More details will be posted on the RTYC-MN facebook page. 

Please, do like our page for future events and updates. 

TYC Fundraising Day

Tentative date is around early March. 
More details and description will posted soon. 

March 10th; Tibetan Uprising Day!


RTYC is in-progress on working together with all our community organizations. Hopefully, this year, we are expecting to convey our message through chinese embassy and spreading Tibetan struggle/movement via getting media attendtion by massive support from our community members. 

More detail and update will be posted soon after hearing from all the organizations regarding the collaborative March 10th.