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Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay

June 08, 2008 Several hundred Minnesota Tibetans and supporters participated in the Tibetan Freedom Torch.



Special 49th day Prayer Vigil And Solidarity Head Shave

Held in Minnesota St Paul, MN, April 28, 2008: The main hall of the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota found itself filled with several hundred Minnesota Tibetans and supporters today. read more See Daily Planet's article on this event. publishes our press release on their website.

Canada Tibet Committee publishes our press release too!


Tibetan Youth Congress' Independence Torch

Minneapolis, April 18: Around 150 Tibetans gathered in front of the Walker Community Library in Uptown, Minnesota to hold the 'Tibetan Independence Torch Relay' to demonstrate Read more


Human Rights Torch (April 16)

One month after peaceful demonstrations erupted into violent melees across Tibetan areas of China, Tibetans living in the Twin Cities say they have been unable to contact loved ones in their homeland. Read more...


Tibetans hold vigil in St. Paul

April 10, St. Paul, Minn. — Tibetans have been seeking an independent state for decades, but activity has been picking up recently because of the attention on the Olympics in Beijing. Read more...


Banner Making Day With Tibetan Artists