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How Do You Join?

Joining the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of MN is essentially an act of one's endorsement that the Tibetan people have the right to be free. Membership in RTYC is open to any Tibetan who subscribes to the Aims and Objectives of the Organization. Since TYC is primarily a freedom movement, there is no age limit and no distinction between men and women. However, the vast majority of members and the leadership continue to be youth.

To become a member of your local RTYC you need to meet following:

  • Bonafide Tibetan
  • Updated Tibetan identity card/Green Book (running year). For example, in January 09, it is required to have the Green Book stamped for the year '09'.
  • RTYC membership is $25.

For details, contact your local RTYC board members.

The Minnesota chapter of Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC-MN) was founded on November 14, 1998. RTYC engages in promoting the just cause of Tibet reaching out beyond the Tibetan community with seminars, campaigns and talks. RTYC-MN sets out to accomplish the mission explicitly stated in the objectives of its parent organization 'The Central Executive Tibetan Youth Congress' based in Dharamsala, India.