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MMC III: Martyrs Memorial Cup 2014
Labor Day weekend: Aug 30th, 31st, and Sep 1st

MMC III, Martyrs Memorial Cup 2014 tournament was held on Labor Day Weekend 2014. The tournament took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The reason for hosting MMC is to unite Tibetans in Exile and to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for Tibet’s Freedom. This year's MMC was a grand success and this would not be possible without the support of business and individual sponsors who recognize the value of what we do every day in this great organization. A huge part of success was also from the very strong community minded volunteers who have spent hours of working together during MMC.

Thank you all.



Joining RTYC-MN?

Joining the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of MN is essentially an act of one's endorsement that the Tibetan people have the right to be free. Membership in RTYC is open to any Tibetan who subscribes to the Aims and Objectives of the Organization. Since TYC is primarily a freedom movement, there is no age limit and no distinction between men and women. However, the vast majority of members and the leadership continue to be youth. Join RTYC now!

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About TYC

TYC was founded on Oct 7, 1970 in Dharamsala with His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivering the inaugural address.

This strengthened the Tibetan people's struggle for independence and ensured its continuity.

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About nartyc

The North American Regional Tibetan Youth Congress meets every year for annual working committee meeting. The IXth North American Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Working Committee Meeting was convened in Minneapolis on June 27 and 28th of 2009.

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In OUR community

RTYC MN is proud to have such a strong presence in the Twin Cities. Many other Tibetan organizations are represented throughout Minnesota.

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